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IoT Devices and Applications Middleware

"Plat'Data Processing" is Data Transmission intermediary service and software for connecting IoT Devices and Applications.

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PD Exchange

IoT Data Exchange SaaS / Software

Open API (RESTful) with bi-directional communication and robust security will easily realize data transmission and reception between the IoT devices and applications.  Learn more »

IoT Applications

PD Archive (ja)

IoT Data Storage SaaS / Software

Efficiently accumulate enormous amount of data from IoT devices for search and processing. In parallel PD Archive will resolve conflicting issues of "raw data accumulation" and "data archiving".  Learn more (ja)»

PD Alerter (ja)

IoT Data Monitoring and Notify SaaS / Software

PD Alerter makes report based on metrics such as flow rate or number frequency and monitors the data of large number of IoT devices. It also supports the machine-learning function and "mandatory" monitoring.  Learn more (ja) »

PD Transit (ja)

IoT Data Transit to Other Cloud SaaS / Software

PD Transit will transfer data from PD Exchange, additionally to other systems. You can build responsive system without performing application changes during operation, such as using raw data flowing to machine learning systems in other cloud services.  Learn more »

IoT Devices & Gateways (ja)

High-spec and Low-price Hardware for Optimized IoT

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IoT Cloud Basic Kit (ja)

Starter Package for PoC of IoT

 Learn more (ja)»

IoT Cloud Basic Kit for Softbank (ja)

Starter Package for PoC of IoT

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One-stop solution to support the IoT system - Plat'Data Processing (ja) 76 pages

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